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Professional Service
We are a local Web Design / Development company that specializes in Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Proximity Marking. We strive to bring our clients web presence and marketing that brings new customers and new sales.


Loaded with features
Websites we design and build are loaded with features. We provide shopping carts with each installation which provides your business generated sales from visitors at launch. Each website contains a database that allows information to be collected and used any way you need for your business.


Unparalleled flexibility
We have unlimited capabilities in design and function. We can provide almost any design request. From a static information page to a complete shopping site featuring hundreds of items. We use WordPress too. WordPress has almost any plug-in imaginable that would provide instant enhancements to your website.


Fully Responsive Websites
Each website is “Responsive” which means it will adjust to any smaller devices like iPads, Tablets and mobile devices. Most websites are designed and built for larger screens like desktops or laptops. Visitors to Hawaii carry their smaller mobile devices and use them to search for your website.


The most powerful combination
We provide additional services like social marketing. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have over a billion users all looking for your services. In addition, we adjust your website to gain excellent results with all the search engines. This means that your website will make front page results when consumers are looking for your services.


Free support & updates
As a client, your success matters to us. This means each website we build comes with our complete support even after it’s finished. You will always have our technicians available to answer any questions or make any adjustments to keep your site up and running no matter what time it is.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will it take my website to be built?:
Most websites can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. We are dependent on factors like images and written content to be provided by you, if you want us to provide them, we can finish sooner.

Will my website look like I want?:
We ask what website inspires you and work from there. We will get as close to your design as possible, making adjustments along the way with your approval. We also have over thirty templates to choose from.

Do you get it activated on the Internet?:
After each site is completed and you have approved the final design, we will provide “FREE” hosting and make it live. If you already have a hosting company, we simply transfer the entire site to a Host of your choice and activate it there.

Are there additional costs?:
The website price is final. There are no additional costs required. You may choose additional services, but these services are billed only with your authorization.

What are the additional services?:
We also provide Free Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization for high ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines and Proximity Marketing.

What is Proximity Marketing?:
Proximity Marketing is new to the Islands. We provide these services to merchants who would like to attract new customers within their business area. This means if consumers looking for free WIFI are within 1000 feet range, they can log in to the WIFI and receive coupons, commercials and text directly from your business to their mobile devices.

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